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Director's Corner: Message from Brian Glowiak, Director

When SME invited me to serve as director of the SME Education Foundation nearly eight months ago, I was excited to lead an organization that has a legacy of successfully inspiring, preparing and supporting students for rewarding careers in manufacturing. During my previous career spanning more than three decades with a major automotive manufacturer, I gained an appreciation of how manufacturing directly benefits the lives and livelihoods of millions of Americans. I also witnessed the development of new technologies and innovations that dramatically revolutionized manufacturing. Irrespective of these transformational changes there are two constants. First, the indispensable value of human capital and the inherent perception that a qualified, skilled workforce is one of the most important assets of a successful enterprise; and second, when we cease making things we relinquish our capacity to generate economic wealth.

My background in leading the Chrysler Foundation and directing Fiat Chrysler's government relations and community engagement activities afforded numerous opportunities to work with civic and community leaders, educators and NGOs (non-governmental organization) to develop programs designed to help youth reach their full potential.




PRIME® - Engaging Companies in Local Manufacturing Education and Workforce Development

To prepare future manufacturing and technical talent, the SME Education Foundation developed the Partnership Response In Manufacturing Education (PRIME®) initiative to prepare students for manufacturing careers by providing them with relevant, hands-on knowledge and skills that will help them successfully transition into the manufacturing workforce. By actively supporting and developing manufacturing education programs in local schools, PRIME's focus is to engage and build a collaborative network between K-12 education and industry in a tailored approach to developing future talent.

Today, PRIME provides opportunities for students to develop 21st century advanced manufacturing skills before even graduating from high school. Students are able to: gain hands-on experience with state-of-the-art equipment; engage with other students and educators in the PRIME network to share their experiences; attend advanced manufacturing/STEM camps; collaborate with local SME chapters and industry partners to plan manufacturing-related events; and access training materials and curriculum from Tooling U-SME, the industry leader in manufacturing learning and development.




Partner Update: ALCOA Foundation and ALCOA

Alcoa and its private charitable arm, the Alcoa Foundation, have been dedicated partners with the SME Education Foundation through PRIME® since 2011. As one of the first private funders of this initiative, the Alcoa Foundation has committed to investing a total of $750,000 through 2018 that will go toward manufacturing education at high schools near the company's facilities in southern California and Ohio.

A key component of PRIME's partnership with Alcoa is the company's involvement in the Four Cities Compact, a Career Tech Planning District comprised of four east Ohio high schools – Barberton, Wadsworth, Copley and Norton. Alcoa is working with the SME Education Foundation to build and engage PRIME programs within these schools – located near the company's Barberton, Ohio operations – to provide students with manufacturing training to help fill the much needed pipeline of skilled talent.




SME Education Foundation Scholarships

The Foundation awards hundreds of scholarships each year to graduating high school seniors, current undergraduates and graduate students pursuing degrees in an engineering discipline closely related to a manufacturing or technology field of study related to manufacturing.

The most substantial scholarship presented by the Foundation is the SME Education Foundation Family Scholarship, which has historically been awarded in the amount of up to $70,000 to students with at least one parent who has been an SME member in good standing for the last two years.

In addition to awarding scholarships from its endowed funds, the Foundation also administers scholarships on behalf of major corporations. The Foundation's staff has extensive management expertise to meet the needs of corporate donors. An exemplary scholarship review committee made up of SME members, industry professionals and past recipients evaluates and scores applicants in the selection process.

Need help with administering a corporate scholarship award? Contact Kathy Carter on our team




Student Profile: Scholarship Recipient's Trek from Struggle to Manufacturing Prosperity

Dan Blue has been on a journey. In 2001, he moved from Fayetteville, N.C. to Port Huron – a Michigan city 65 miles outside of Detroit. He settled in, worked odd jobs but never seemed to find his niche.

In the summer of 2011, Blue found work at a Port Huron recording studio, but the environment was not ideal and he wanted a change for himself and his soon-to-be newborn son. Wondering what he was going to do with his future, a friend told him about the machinist program at an organization called Focus: Hope, in Detroit. After taking a tour of the facility and learning more about the organization's Machinist Training Institute and Earn + Learn workforce development programs, Blue enrolled.




SME Introduces Bright Minds powered by PRIME®

The SME Education Foundation's PRIME® initiative and SME's Membership group are collaborating on a new program designed to build stronger connections between high school students, faculty and SME members. SME Bright Minds Powered by PRIME membership provides high school students and faculty with exclusive access to learning, knowledge sharing, skills building and industry contacts. The purpose of the program is to give students and instructors direct connectivity into the manufacturing industry.

As part of the SME Bright Minds Powered by PRIME program, members will have access to:

Connect, a virtual platform where students and faculty can network with like-minded educators, high school students and industry professionals;

Scholarships specifically designated for PRIME students pursuing associate's and bachelor's degrees in manufacturing engineering/technology and related disciplines;

Mentoring that allows students to interact with SME members — professionals in the manufacturing industry — who will help them build a plan for advanced education and career pathways;

Educational Resources such as the SME e-Librarian, technical papers and Advanced Manufacturing Media channels that will help students complete class projects; and

Competitions, which are currently being developed to showcase students' skills and achievements.




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